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Nigel F. Holland, MSc, ACIB

Nigel Holland has strong IT Managerial expertise in the IT Project Delivery area, most recently in Teradata Data Warehousing in the Financial Services sector.

He has outstanding people skills and utilises these in establishing and improving communications channels between IT and the Business.

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Dual Active Data Warehouse

Over a period of two years Nigel managed the transformation of the Lloyds TSB Teradata environment, resulting in the introduction of a Dual Active Data Warehouse facility where all identified key data is immediately available and all key processes, applications and power users are able to operate unaffected in a major disaster situation. The £10m+ solution also makes full use of the full hardware footprint for query processing. The delivery managed by Nigel against a challenging time deadline and within the agreed budget.


- Coordinated a comprehensive review of the data and business requirements, concluding that the division lacked the competencies to solve the problems internally
- Identified the appropriate technical solution and discussed details with the platform supplier, producing proposal for going forward.
- Convinced the Business and IT directors of the need for significant investment to solve the problem and of the cost effective nature of the solution.
- Appointed the project manager.
- Led the programme steering group.
- Ensured the business operated successfully during the transition, as the solution was phased in.
- Facilitated the interfaces between the Business and IT during the delivery project, without which the implementation and successful delivery would have been more problematic.

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