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Big Data

Extensive experience of Teradata Data Warehouse, it's development, operation and governance

Retail and Wholesale Banking development involvement as well as application merger support



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Project Management, Systems/Business Analysis, PC Training and Support, Business Relationships



Welcome to the KSAP Computer Services, Keighley Systems Analysis & Programming, web site.

The company was set up in the late 1970s with the purpose of supplying IT resource to businesses, on a time and materials basis. The aim was to provide IT expertise to small and medium sized companies that would not normally be in a position to fund the use of IT consultants, particularly at the market rate.

Since the launch of the company, work has been undertaken in the fields of Insurance Brokerage, Data Warehousing, Retail & Wholesale Banking, CRM, Customer Segmentation, General & Motor Insurance, Global Risk Report, Big Data, Marketing, web Site Development, PC Support, and Manufacturing.

The experience available within the company and it's associates is extensive, covering the full range of computer equipment from PCs, thru corporate mainframes to Data Warehousing/Big Data environments. An extensive range of programming languages is also supported.

KSAP also has Project Management experience of Datastage and it's working relationships with Teradata environments.

KSAP and it's Associates have a wide range of application backgrounds, with experience in Financial Services, Local Government, Retailing and Manufacturing. More recently this experience has been extended into the IT Strategy, Architecture and Corporate Governance.

Continued professional development, particularly in the Teradata world, has continued, with regular attendance at Teradata Universe conferences in the US.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with an estimate for any aspects on which we can deliver added value.

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