KSAP Computer Services

Big Data

Extensive experience of Teradata Data Warehouse, it's development, operation and governance

Retail and Wholesale Banking development involvement as well as application merger support



Related Services

Project Management, Systems/Business Analysis, PC Training and Support, Business Relationships



KSAP and Associates have extensive experience of the Financial Services world, predominetly in the IT function but with some Operational management experience. The following gives a brief list of areas of expertise. Please feel free to contact us if you have other requirements.

Retail Banking - experience of Customer and Accounting aspects at all the major High Street Banks as well as a similar operation in Sweden, also Cusomer Relationship Management, Customer Segmentation, Control & Monitoring and Range Balances.

Wholesale Banking - experience of Customer Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

Back Office - experience with Retail Banking Back Office systems and Architecural Investigations into Wholesale Back Office systems.

IT Governance - experience of Relationship Management, IT/Business Governance organisation/initiation and Business IT ownership evaluation.

Marketing - experience of direct and targeted Margeting using Data Warehousing techniques.

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