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Extensive experience of Teradata Data Warehouse, it's development, operation and governance

Retail and Wholesale Banking development involvement as well as application merger support



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Data Warehousing

KSAP and Associates have twentyfive plus years contiuous involvment with Data Warehousing and over fifty years collective exerience in total, predominetly with Teradata but including stragegic reviews of the other major suppliers, Oracle and IBM DB2 (Source: Gartner). In a recent role the data warehouse involvement, at the analysis and project management level, has expanded to encompass Big Data and Hadoop

The examples listed below are only a selection from our range of involvements with Data Warehousing projects. Please feel to contact us if you feel that we can add value to your operation.

Customer Relationship Management - numerous projects utilisng Data Warehousing to deliver business benefit through customer segmentation, single customer views, cross matching and data cleansing.

Marketing - lead generation, both at a group level and delivered to customer facing environments, e.g. local marketing initiatives driven via the data warehouse.

Dual Active - disaster recovery solutions providing added value by utilising warm standby services to increase query performance.

IT Governance - esablishment of business/IT data warehouse governance processes.

Data Warehouse Maturity - evaluation of data warehouse service against industry leaders to delivery strategic direction planning.

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