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Extensive experience of Teradata Data Warehouse, it's development, operation and governance

Retail and Wholesale Banking development involvement as well as application merger support



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Len Keighley, BA, CEng, FBCS, CITP

A senior Business/Systems/Data Analyst with Project Management experience and significant knowledge of Data Warehousing, more recently in the Big Data/Hadoop world. Thirty plus years of financial systems experience involved with customer accounting, the control/monitoring of advances, range balance analysis, sales support and online customer and accounts systems. The project management experience gained as part of a hybrid Principal Analyst role, before moving into pure project management including certification by APM. Two spells of strategic/CTO type roles to establish Data Warehousing strategic directions. Recently involved with the adoption of the Agile methodolgy in application delivery as part of a Big Data/Hadoop environment.

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Independant Contractor, Principal Analyst, Project Leadership/Mngmnt, Architecture/CTO,
Programme Management, Management, Systems Analysis

Independant Contractor - a variety of roles, predominently in the data warehouse/big data area, with Financial Services companies in the UK and Scandinavia.
Companies include Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, RBS, HSBC, Nordea (Sweden) and N Brown Group.

Principal Analyst - responsible for the delivery of development projects within the TSB and Lloyds TSB Data Warehouse # environments.
Part of the initial TSB Data Analysis team involved in developing the Query Customer Information Data (QCID) data model and it’s subsequent revisions.
Responsible for the development, production and issue of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) document as part of the merger of the TSB and Lloyds Data Warehouse environments. Also part of the ITT Response Evaluation Team for the selection of the final solution to be delivered. Suppliers involved in the ITT where IBM, Teradata, Oracle and others.
Responsible for the running of an evaluation project into the viability of utilising ETL tools as part of the merger process for the TSB and Lloyds Data Warehouse.

Project Leadership/Management – a mixed role of Business/Systems/Data Analysis and Project Management tasks covering the whole development lifecycle of the projects, including development and agreement of partial and full Business Cases as well as the relationship management of the Business stakeholders and project management. Recently involved with the adoption and support of the Agile delivery methodolgy.
- Led a large combined group of projects for the Lloyds TSB Group Data Warehouse (GDW), which in total accounted for a budget of around £6m. These included externally managed resources and liaison with external hardware suppliers. The projects included evaluation of a replacement data models, including Teradata’s Financial Services Logical Data Model (FSLDM), for the existing bespoke Data Warehouse model, implementation of a metadata repository including user access facilities, implementation of an autonomous development and testing facility and improved access security and data quality facilities.
- Managed the Customer Services element of the Wholesale Customer & Account Programme (WCAP), covering the developments for GDW and Operational Customer (OCS) with a delivery budget of around £2m.
- Led the GDW elements of the Customer Insight System (CiNS) implementation which was later presented with a National Quality Award.
- Delivered the first Data Warehouse application within TSB to provide Branch Warehouse Marketing for the Branch to undertake self development and delivery of direct marketing campaigns.
- Delivered the Customer Segmentation and Treatment Strategy identification and selection facility utilising the GDW for source information.
- Managed Teradata Hardware Upgrade for Secondary Active-Active environment.
- Managed implementation of Bill of Material system for truck manufacturing utilising existing services of parent company but requiring development of data migration from existing systems.

Architecture/CTO - covering two spells both pre and post the merger of the Lloyds and TSB Banks.
- Responsible for developing TSB and later Lloyds TSB Data Warehouse Technical Strategies and Architectures, including a comparative review of the Teradata, IBM and Oracle offerings including visits to the IBM DB2 Labs in California and a number of reference sight interviews.
- Responsible for the development of the Wholesale Back Office Technical and Functional Architectures.

Programme Management - a management role administering the delivery of the projects and acting as consultant for solution generation.
- Managed the delivery of the Data Staging and Analytics (DS&A) stream of the Customer Value Chain Programme, approximately £2m portfolio budget, with four Project manager direct reports. Applications delivered predominantly within the Group Data Warehouse area utilising Teradata, Business Objects and Ascential ETL tools.

- IT Operations Manager – management of operational running of IT systems and data preparation at Seddon Atkinson, approximately 10 staff.
- Systems Development Manager – responsible for development lifecycle of all projects run within Seddon Atkinson with four Senior Analyst direct reports.

Various projects undertaken at all companies.

- 2007 – Present Independant Contractor

Involved with anumber of roles with Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, RBS, Coop Insurance, Nordea Bank (Sweden), HSBC and N Brown Group

- 1986 – 2006 Lloyds TSB, IT & Operations
- 1983 – 1986 National Girobank – Senior Analyst
- 1977 – 1983 Seddon Atkinson Vehicles – IT Ops Manager, Systems Development Mngr
- 1971 – 1977 Telebank TV Rentals – Operations, Programming, Systems Analysis

- Bachelor of Arts Degree
- Chartered Engineer (CEng)
- Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
- Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS)

- Association for Project Management (APMP) Level 1 Accreditation
- Coaching Skills
- Influencing Skills
- Performance Management
- Data Warehouse Database Design
- Agile Delivery

- Treasurer Variety Club of Great Britain – North West Region
- Former Chair of BCS Branches Congress & BCS Branch Management Committee, member of BCS Council and Community Board
- Treasurer of the BCS Manchester Branch
- Member of the Patient and Public Involvement in Health (PPIH) Forum for Bolton Primary Care Trust
- International Travel (Especially long haul)
- Book Collecting (Signed copies)
- Badminton

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